The Mezzo Wore Mink: A Liturgical Mystery

The sixth installment of the Liturgical Mysteries reintroduces the good people of the village of St Germaine, North Carolina, the good people of St Barnabas’ Episcopal Church, the fellow who is both chief of police to the one and organist-choirmaster to the other. There is much that is new in this episode. The interim priest at St Barnabas’ produces “The Living Gobbler” — a Thanksgiving spectacular show calculated to compete with the neighbouring Baptist’s “Singing Christmas Tree.” The reader also meets a sterile cross between a male pacarana and a female nutria, the pelts of which were to be marketed as “minque,” a Ferris wheel in a cemetery, a Christian nudist summer camp, a mayoral election in St Germaine, a Christian massage parlour called The Upper Womb, and a vegan Rottweiner (a cross between a Rottweiler and a Dachshund). Interposed with all of this are fragments of yet another horrible installment of the crime noir writing of the protagonist, influenced not only by using Raymond Chandler’s actual manual typewriter but, in this episode, by wearing Raymond Chandler’s actual fedora. This is incredibly funny stuff! I can’t wait to begin reading “The Diva Wore Diamonds.”

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