Becky Garrison, Starting from Zero with $0, New York: Seabury Press, 2010.

Affiliation with mainline institutional churches has been steadily declining for several decades. From the churches’ perspective, this constitutes a crisis of sufficient import to actually prompt change in institutions which are loathe to change. There is no shortage of prophets ready to explain how the church needs to be remodeled, reinvented or reimagined. The problem is that so few of them agree with one another. Becky Garrison has written a book in which she samples some efforts to create the church of the future. I was delighted to find a chapter devoted to my daughter’s congregation and another devoted to a missional effort in my own diocese. As with a true sampler, one will not agree with every idea suggested in this book because there are so many voices with so many different ideas speaking. It is not so much a programme to be adopted as a somewhat different way of thinking about the enacting of the mission of the Church and of the kinds of structures which do (and do not) support that renewed mission.

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