A Late-Night Prayer for the Blooming of Lilies

Having had the perspicacity both to buy Easter Lilies from the wholesale broker and to buy them early in Holy Week (to avoid the Good Friday-Holy Saturday rush) we were blessed with a mess of Easter lilies still in the bud. And there they remained on Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. With certitude and aplomb, we put them in the church secretary’s office on Good Friday night, left the light on and ran the space heater overnight. By the time the altar was dressed for Easter at the Great Vigil, they were still in the bud. Hence, the following prayer:

Omnipotent Lord, you opened the floodgates of heaven for forty days, you opened the mouth of Balaam’s ass that he might speak, you opened the rock in the desert that water might flow out, you opened the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf and the lips of the mute, you opened the door to the tomb in the garden, you opened the minds of the disciples to recognize the resurrected Jesus and you will one day open the seven seals: Come quickly and open these Easter lilies before the nine thirty service tomorrow morning, that they may glorify you with their beauty as we do with our praise; We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

2 Responses to “A Late-Night Prayer for the Blooming of Lilies”

  1. janet roth says:

    You WILL post something to let us (who are out of your diocese, but not out of your circle of friends and admirers) know whether the lilies bloomed? Please (pretty please with a Cadbury carmel egg along with the plea.)

  2. Bruce McMenomy says:

    Well, as of last Sunday (Easter III) most but still not all of the buds were open…

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