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Our Mission

All Saints Episcopal Church is congregation of the Episcopal Church committed to empowering and helping all its members, lay and clergy, to take responsibility for Christian ministry and to spread the love of Christ to the world in every aspect of life through the Sacraments, fellowship, teaching, and outreach.

This has a number of ramifications. In some instances, All Saints has become a partner with outreach ministries that our members have brought to the table. Our funding and our labor tend to follow our missioners — and most of our current outreach programs have grown out of our members’ particular concerns.

The totality of Christian ministry, however, is substantially wider. We believe that the whole life of the faithful Christian is an exercise in ministry, and that finding our calling at home with our families or in the workplace is fundamental: it is at least as significant as a particular outreach project, and it undergirds what we do in the world collectively and individually. Discerning the nature of our individual calls is an ongoing challenge for the believer in any age, and while there are eternal verities at stake, it’s also the case that the rapidly changing nature of our society and culture has placed new problems before us. The problems are not unique: they’re everywhere in today’s church — but we are trying to address them honestly and seriously in our own way.