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Ministries Within the Church

All Saints Episcopal Church is dedicated to empowering its whole membership in the service of Christ, and hence we are particularly eager to engage the laity in as full a range of pastoral care and liturgical roles as are permitted under the Canons of the Episcopal Church. We tend to step in to take up the slack where it appears.

Lay worship ministers also play a large part in our regular Sunday worship, in administering the Chalice, reading lessons and prayers, and occasionally preaching and officiating at Morning Prayer.

Those interested in participating in the worship leadership at All Saints should contact Christe McMenomy.

Our greeters and ushers (informally called the “gushers”) are a stalwart band who will welcome you when you arrive — introduce yourself and sign our guest-book.

Our music ministry is in the process of being re-worked; if you would like to participate in the choir (which will sing roughly once or twice a month) or in making music independently for our worship services, contact Bruce McMenomy.

We also have a variety of ministries outside the church. Check the link to the left for other ways to participate.